Полосы серые длинные



Hospitality is our everything, we know how to make your stay with us not only comfortable, but also delicious!

What could be better than own production?

Chickens and lambs take care of the tidy farm every day. Therefore, when it is served at the table, all our dishes are filled with human care and have a double taste.

Wrap up our restaurant, it combines the spirit of home with a high level of culinary art and hospitality of the staff.


Полосы серые длинные

The cost of living includes breakfast – buffet!

Breakfast time from 7-30 to 10-30

For our guests, we offer a comprehensive meal service in the hotel restaurant: (180 UAN) lunch (190 UAN) and dinner (250 UAN). An individual order is possible, taking into account the dietary and Lenten menu.

We also offer: breakfast on an individual order, lunch and dinner according to the restaurant menu, fruits in the room, aged wines of Prince P.N. Trubetskoy, vodka, domestically produced cognac, soft drinks. The cost of this package is 1500 UAN per person per day.